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Customized Mug in memory of your Pet


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Customer Reviews

Linda Rachel


I love y'all he coffee mug i ordered from you, it's just what i was hoping for, can't wait to get the t-shirt i ordered i hope it's just as nice. Thank you and i will be recommending you to my friends.

Walter Gischel


The mug is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't be happier, I actually purchased it as a gift for my sister who checked on my dog daily when I was at work and who would dog sit for me when I couldn't take my dog places, the mug put her in tears, she loved it so much 

nikki kilgour


This mug arrived exactly as described. The picture wasn't distorted or blurry. Exactly what I sent, is how the picture shows on the mug. Arrived quickly and packaged perfectly! Extremely happy with my purchase!

Stephanie Slater


Love Love Love it..Thank you

Reivew image




If I may, my feedback is a story I would like to tell you about TYLER.  I delivered him and his littermates because my best friend was a basket case during the delivery.  One little black male puppy came into this world with wisps of white hair between his tiny toes and pads and we connected.  After drying him off and make sure all was well, I held his precious face to mine, and he stole my heart that afternoon.  Over 18 years Tyler showed me what unconditional love was truly about.  He loved tiny little kittens and raised a few as their "father figure" in his time.  We went together everywhere.  We traveled this great country of ours together exploring.  He had his own suitcase for is tennis balls and his "shirts".  He had a huge collection of bandanas and would not go anywhere without his "shirt" on.  He would get so excited when I would tell him it was "road trip time".  Every morning he would wake me up my laying on my chest and licking my face and wiggling that tail and when I would wake up and smile, he would run around on the bed and I swear he was giggling.  Years of adventures, travels and unconditional love and companionship pasted by.  One day he started to have a cough so off to his favorite "Doc", Dr. Cantrell, DVM but he was on vacation and his stand-in thought my Tyler just had a cold and gave him meds.  After 2 or 3 days my Tyler wasn't any better, so I returned to the Vet Hospital and Dr. Cantrell had returned from his vacation.  After examining Tyler and running a few tests we learned that my boy had esophageal paralysis.  I crumpled to the floor because I knew he would not survive the surgery that would fix his illness because he was 18 yrs old and could not tolerate the anesthetic.  Dr. Cantrell had been his Vet from the time Tyler was a wee puppy and he was devastated too.  I held my boy in my arms and I let him cross the Rainbow Bridge that day.  I will never be the same without him.  He passed away over 12 years ago and it still brings me to my knees.  I have his picture and this poem on my desk:




You'll Meet Me In The Light


I know that you can't see me,


but trust me I'm right here.


Although I'm up in heaven,


my love for you stays near.




So often I see you crying,


many times you call my name.


I want so much to lick your face


and ease some of your pain.




I wish that I could make you see


that Heaven indeed is real.


If you could see me run and play


how much better you would feel.




But our loving God has promised me


that when the time is right,


you'll step out of the darkness and


meet me in the light.




I hope you see how precious this coffee mug will be to me each morning as I have my coffee and watch the sunrise.  I know he is there in heaven with our Lord God and one day I will step out of the darkness and meet my Tyler in the light. 


Thank you for a most precious gift !!


Dee Munson